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Chris first got certified as a Junior Open Water Diver in 1992. He has been diving ever since, he has over 5000 logged dives!  Chris became a dive professional in 2010 and has certified hundreds of divers. Chris is also a technical diving instructor! In his spare time, Chris volunteers as the Dive Team Captain for Houston County Rescue Unit and enjoys serving his community. 

TJ began diving in 2015 while living in Honduras. After returning to the United States as a Rescue Diver, TJ began        working with various dive shops in Pensacola, Destin and Panama City eventually becoming a professional                    Dive master in his off time.  In October 2018 TJ decided to take on more of a leadership roll and earned the title    Open Water Scuba instructor. His passion for the oceans and love for teaching drives him to bring awareness to the    worlds  largest eco system and share his experience with new divers.
Dive Master

Ashton began diving in 2007 at the age of 13, performing maintenance on the city pool while working as a lifeguard from 2007-2013. In 2013 He began his career as a firefighter and joined the Technical Rescue Team as a Swift Water Rescue Swimmer and Public Safety Diver. Davis obtained his Dive Master Certification in 2017, and in 2019 began working for Performance Scuba. Davis is a nationally registered EMT and EMS instructor. His love of the water and his profound passion for diving drives him to reach his future goals, which include becoming a public safety diver instructor and obtaining his Captain’s license.